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The human body is designed to move.

We are all Born to Run!


St Kilda Beach Osteopathy


Rohan believes in the human body's need to move, and to move well. Our ability to move is developed out of primal patterns that are fundamental to our survival & the way we do everything today. Your body needs to perform these basic movements daily to maintain health and vitality and avoid dysfunction and injury.

 Similarly we are all Born to Run. Running is natural, and we are well designed & adapted to run. However, you need to be strong & mobile in order to run. and our modern lives can often work against us and ability to move well, perform well, and run well. Your Running Osteopath can help restore these fundamental qualities, to help you move better, and perform better every day. And with specific coaching methods, we can improve your running technique & efficiency to help you Run Well!

ST K OSTEO is now called St Kilda Beach Osteopathy and is located right on St. Kilda beach next to Stokehouse.

We will assess your body's movement & function to identify the cause of your complaint. We will address your dysfunction with direct manual therapy to relieve your body of it's stress, and pain. Our aim is to restore your ability to move,  pain free. Finally, we will show you how to retrain your body to move better, further, and stronger thus preventing further injury.

Rohan is an experienced Osteopath with a passion for fundamental movement, running and running well ( efficiency).  We strongly believe in our body's natural ability to heal itself and to want & need to move well.


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