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We have a true passion for movement & helping you get back to full, natural & pain free motion.

Running asks alot of your body. In order to run well, you must be strong & mobile. Running is often not the problem here, but what we do in our everyday lives ( mostly sitting) that compromises our strength & mobility therefore making it more difficult to run.

We will get you moving better, hence running better. 

Meet your Running Osteopath

Rohan Armstrong

Melbourne Marathon 2015, Run

Melbourne Marathon 2015, Run

Rohan Armstrong is the Principal Osteopath and Clinic Director at St.Kilda Beach Osteopathy in St. Kilda and City Osteopathy - Queen Street with over 24 years in clinical practice that has taken him to all parts of the world.

Rohan is passionate about Osteopathy & Running and how the human body is designed to move.  Believing we are all 'Born to Run', Rohan likes to help everyday people regain their natural ability to move, move well,  become more active, & re-discover the joys of running, run with greater efficiency and achieve their running goals.

Through his running coaching business, Run Well he coaches runners to achieve their running goals.

Rohan has worked with many athletes & performers over the years, & currently works closely with the performers of Circus Oz. He has a deep understanding of how the human body is designed to move and how our daily lifestyles impact and compromise our performance. Rohan enjoys working with you to improve your mobility, strength & function, and hence your overall health and wellbeing.

Rohan is also an Accredited Athletics/Running Coach and has developed a special interest in running & runners, coaching running technique & efficiency in a 6 week course he wrote & designed. This passion has lead him to create Run Well  - marathon training, coaching and personalised running programs.

Rohan takes a regular group running session every Friday morning at the Tan (meet at 6.30am on Anderson Street hill) & Running Technique Coaching Clinics around Melbourne.

To ask Rohan a question on how he can help you or your running, enquire here.