Heart Rate Training...slow down to get faster!

Rather than copy & paste it all, here's my latest blog which is all about the key to marathon training, heart rate based training. It's from my running coaching site, Run Well Marathon Training;

The longer you go, the more important is your aerobic energy system.

The longer you go, the more important is your aerobic energy system.


By training at your aerobic threshold, you can maximise your aerobic energy production, thus conserving glycogen for later in the race when you need it most. The less glycogen you use, the more efficient you are.

By training at your aerobic threshold, you can maximise your aerobic energy production, thus conserving glycogen for later in the race when you need it most. The less glycogen you use, the more efficient you are.

St K Osteo is now St Kilda Beach Osteopathy

Rohan has teamed with long term friend and colleague, Danny Williams to become St Kilda Beach Osteopathy.

Still located on the beach at St Kilda, the two of them have nearly 50 years experience combined and bring to you a clinic os Osteopathic excellence.

As such, we now have greater availability, and variety of services that will continue to grow with the in the coming months & years.

From May 1, we will be operating as St Kilda Beach Osteopathy, and you will find our new website here. For now you can still make bookings via both websites and through the same convenient online booking system by clicking here.

Alternately,  you can now call us on 8080 2981 and leave a message. 

We look forward to seeing you down on the beach at the new site.

This where you'll find us at our new home. Enter via the street side entracne seen here.

This where you'll find us at our new home. Enter via the street side entracne seen here.


Rohan & Danny

Our clinic featuring...Wilkhahn

When we set our new clinic room at ST K OSTEO, the key factors about it were to emphasise our philosophy about movement, mobility and function.

Hence you will see no chairs, but wobbly looking funky stools, as per the pics below.



These beauties are products of Wilkhahn, and are called the Stitz and Stand-Up. These products are designed to free you from static postures & keep you from slumping into your lower back as occurs with sitting in chairs all day long.  Rather, these encourage you to remain upright with a taller posture and supporting your own body. Thus you maintain dynamic stability which encourages movement and stability through your spine.

This will help combat the effects of gravity causing spinal compression and resultant injury, which is often the result of sitting all day.

Combined with an adjustable stand up desk this is an ideal workplace situation to assist in maintaining a stronger, healthier and more mobile spine.

Come and try it out for yourself!

And if youre looking to free yourself from the pain and stiffness you feel after sitting all day, come see us. At ST K OSTEO we will treat you, restore your mobiliyt and help your re-train your body to move better again.

Who is Tom Mc Cormick?

Our resident senior Osteopath as ST K OSTEO is  Tom Mc Cormick.

For those of you who don't know him, I decided to ask him a few questions to help us all get to know a bit more about what makes Tom tick.

Hi Tom, how would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I am an avid sportsman and love to push my limits within physical exercise. By the way I am also an Osteopath at ST K OSTEO. 

That's two sentences Tom! Never mind, let's push on. So Tom, why did you become an Osteopath?

This is a very easy answer but a long one.  For as long as I can remember I have always played sport or been involved in sport. Sadly, I always found myself getting injured and that meant finding consistency on the field was my greatest challenge. After my first severe soft tissue injury at the age of 12 it just didn’t stop. Since then I have torn multiple muscles, had an avulsion fracture of my quadriceps muscle, suffered from cartilage damage, broken too many bones to list and in recent times even had a double hernia repair.

Bullfighting at 12, now that's tough! Jokes aside, why do you think you had these injuries?

I think two factors. The first being my body just couldn’t cope with the amount of load and stress being put on it. When we are young, we are so fragile. It is critical that we treat the body with the respect it needs. We need to develop and build our strength and movement systems to avoid injury potentially happening. I did not do this.  Secondly, I never knew I needed to do this and to make matters worse I was a bull at a gate. 

There's that bull again! And this lead you into Osteopathy?

I am 28 now and most of my injuries happened before I started my osteopathic degree. The major reason I became an Osteopath was to help people. That might sound cliché but I believe knowledge is power and experience is crucial. So I thought I would study Osteopathic medicine and with my previous injury/rehabilitation experience I thought this would be a great way to try to help people who have suffered similar injuries. I also thought it would be a great way to help prevent or decrease other people’s injuries. This is really the sole reason why I became an Osteopath. 

Do you still exercise today?

Of course and this will never change. Even with all the injuries I sustained I am still very much physically active. I love to exercise and love to see how far I can push my limits and see where I stack up. I particularly love the strength and movement side of exercise/ training.

So you like to train in the gym.  What's your favourite exercise at the gym?

That has to be the squat I think. I say this because it is a multiple joint exercise that targets almost the entire body. Not only does it work the major muscles of the body (gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius/soleus) but also the upper body and the core. It is also one of the body’s major primal patterns that we have doing since we were young and it is a great way to improve not only movement but also power and strength. 

What's your favourite sport then Tom?

That’s a tough one mate. I follow a lot of sports. I love NRL (Melbourne Storm), I’m a big NFL fan (the mighty Sea Hawks), I follow the Chicago Bulls and I can’t leave out my beloved Reds (Liverpool). Being from Melbourne, I naturally follow the footy as well but being a Melbourne Demons fan is tough so we will have to leave it there. 

Probably the less said about the Dees the better ( go Tigers!).  Now, some serious questions: What's your favourite movie?

That's another tough one. I'm certainly not a horror fan so maybe The Intouchables and Blade and Matrix series.

Do you have any pets?

I sure do. I have two dogs, one is a poodle called Memphis, and a labradoodle called Oscar. The Queen of the house however, is the cat Bella.

Finally, how would you describe your perfect day off?

At the moment with the cold weather I would have to say hitting the slopes and going snowboarding. When the weather improves I love just relaxing, enjoying coffee and thinking up our next holiday adventure with my wife Kate.

Oh, nice one Tom. And what's the most adventurous experience you've had with Kate?

Probably skiing & trekking in the Swiss alps, in particular the spectacular Jungfrau Region. Closely followed by our helicopter tour of the Grand canyon.

Thanks Tom, nicely handled. 

Tom is available on Mondays & Wednesdays at ST K OSTEO.

Click here to book an appointment with Tom.