Our clinic featuring...Wilkhahn

When we set our new clinic room at ST K OSTEO, the key factors about it were to emphasise our philosophy about movement, mobility and function.

Hence you will see no chairs, but wobbly looking funky stools, as per the pics below.



These beauties are products of Wilkhahn, and are called the Stitz and Stand-Up. These products are designed to free you from static postures & keep you from slumping into your lower back as occurs with sitting in chairs all day long.  Rather, these encourage you to remain upright with a taller posture and supporting your own body. Thus you maintain dynamic stability which encourages movement and stability through your spine.

This will help combat the effects of gravity causing spinal compression and resultant injury, which is often the result of sitting all day.

Combined with an adjustable stand up desk this is an ideal workplace situation to assist in maintaining a stronger, healthier and more mobile spine.

Come and try it out for yourself!

And if youre looking to free yourself from the pain and stiffness you feel after sitting all day, come see us. At ST K OSTEO we will treat you, restore your mobiliyt and help your re-train your body to move better again.

Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy