What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a wholistic manual therapy that believes in the body's ability to heal itself and strives to maintain optimal health. The goal of the Osteopath is to find health in the human body by balancing the body's structures.  

Treatment FAQs


What is Primal Movement?

Humans have evolved to move in order to survive. The ability to crawl, then squat, walk & run lead to more complex movements that allowed us to move to the ground, to drink water, run down animals to eat & run away from predators, climb, jump, and rest. All of this has resulted in the body we inherit today. The regular, daily action of performing these fundamental movements is what keeps our body healthy, mobile and strong. These primal movements meant survival once upon a time, but these days simply mean a better quality of life.



Where are we?

You will find us located within the ST KILDA LIFE SAVING CLUB, right on the beach at 34 Jacka Boulevard, St. Kilda, to the left of Stokehouse.  You can enter through the main entrance off the street side of the building.  

Come in through the main glass doors and take a seat, and your Osteopath will meet you shortly.


What Do We Charge?

Initial Consultation $100

Subsequent Consultation $100

Running Coaching Consultation - practical or discussion

( 30/60 mins) $75/$140


Can I claim?

Yes. We have Hicaps facility to process your private health insurance claim* on the spot, and we accept payment by cash, eftpos or Credit card.

* some insurers are not able to process on our mobile terminal.